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Experiental Group

Who may attend?
Those who have completed the Gestalt Training Program (96 hours).
The participant commits to attending all 8 practicum sessions between September  and May.


What is Experiential Gestalt Group Training?
The experiential Gestalt groups consist of 6 to 18 participants and meet for 3 hours per month. The participants are required to have completed the Gestalt Training Program offered over a period of 20 months. The training activity includes opportunities for personal development work. The aim is to increase personal awareness, to learn how one uses oneself on individual, interpersonal and systemic levels

In the table below, Experiential Gestalt Group Training contents that will be studied are presented.


Love (self, others)

Anxiety, Fear, Panic

Anger, Agresssion

Shame, Guilt

Cheating, Infidelity (to self, others, belief)

Dependency (to work, person, material things)

Control, occupaying ground, Dominance

Inability to say “no”, Tendency to please

How is the training structured?
Experiences with respect to the content studied will be shared and studied from gestalt perspective (putting it in gestalt concepts).
Thoughts, emotions and physiological sensations related with each concept studied will be discussed.
The dynamics forming within the group as the contents are studied will be illuminated from a gestalt perspective (content and methodology). 

What are the benefites of Experiential Gestalt Group training?
The combination of the contents specified above with gestalt concepts and methodology,
Developing and enhancing skills of recognizing and describing the contents specified above,
Personal awareness,
Developing, enhancing skills of working with the above specified contents with self and others.

How is payment done?
If payment is done in cash, it is paid on the day of the training; if deposited to the bank, the amount is due the latest a day before the training date.

Is the participant responsible of paying the fee in case of not attending?
The participant is responsible to pay the fee of a training that is missed.

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