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Gestalt-İst Yaşam 

Gestalt-İst Yaşam​

A platform for learning and sharing for the Gestalt community

Gestalt-İst Yaşam activities are generally offered every other month. Only those who have completed Gestalt training programs or who are currently joining the programs are welcome. These activities are free of charge. Participants are only requested to  contribute to the fee of the location by paying a small amount at the entrance.

The aim of Gestalt-Ist Yaşam Activities is to provide a ground for the gestalt training participants to get to know one another and to share knowledge, information and to build support networks.

Gestalt Training Program participants (past and current), are informed of these activities through mail, and are invited to join if the subject matter is of interest to them.

Each Gestalt Training Program participant, past and present, is welcome to offer an activity on any topic that he/she combines with gestalt. The party interested in offering an activity is expected to inform Hanna at least 2 months in advance.

Gestalt-Ist Yaşam Activities are offered by Gestalt Trainig Program participants, professionals interested in presenting on Gestalt related topics and by Gestalt practitioners invited from abroad.

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