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Gestalt Biography

I completed the foundation Gestalt training in 1988 at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. After completing the advanced courses at the same institute between 1988-1994, I joined the semi-annual training program of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland in Israel (ISRAGIC) as visiting faculty. My contribution to the training program consisted of didactic presentations, facilitation of experiential work, practicum supervision, personal growth group facilitation and program development activities. I continued to serve as visiting faculty until the program came to an end in 2009.

Initially, I regarded the foundation Gestalt training I received at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland solely as part of my doctoral education. However, over the years I became a passionate advocate and missionary of this training which enabled me to regard myself and other people with a fresh outlook. I integrated this outlook to my professional and personal life, and through training seminars I also carried it to a platform where a distinct difference was created in the lives of others. The Gestalt approach is also reflected in my private practice, corporate consultancy work and in the courses I teach at the university. This testifies
to the fact that I have fully internalised this approach which I have been trying to teach and promote.

I launched Gestalt Training Programs in 1989 where I promoted Gestalt as a philosophy of life. In the past 26 years, over 500 individuals from various age and professions, and from various cities of Turkey including Adana, Ankara, Bolu, Bursa, Eskişehir, İzmir, Samsun and Trabzon participated. A Gestalt community gradually developed consisting of people eager to continue learning Gestalt and integrating it in their daily lives. To satisfy this growing need, I launched additional training programs, such as “Practicum” for those interested to enhance their clinical skills, and “Experiential Gestalt Group Training” for those interested in enhancing interpersonal skills and self and other awareness. In 2005, I created a platform for this community where
individuals volunteer to offer seminars, free of charge, in which they integrate Gestalt  with their profession. This platform provides a ground for the members to get to know one another, to share knowledge, information and to build support networks. In addition, the members, by sharing their experience of how they integrate their Gestalt knowledge and skills into their profession, they contribute to the mission of promoting
Gestalt as a philosophy of life.


In 2013 I started to offer didactic seminars in which I combined the Gestalt approach with devolopmental theories in various areas related to human condition (such as consciousness, cognition, emotion, relational, moral, motivational and definitions of I). Thus, the aim to develop the Gestalt approach and the attempt to combine it with daily life gained more depth and breadth.


Since 2013, Georgian National Gestalt Institute invites me to support the Gestalt Therapy Trainings that they started in Tbilisi. 

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