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I am a clinical psychologist in private practice working with individuals and couples. I offer supervision and practica for colleagues and run workshops for personal development to individuals of diverse backgrounds. I am a faculty member at Hasan Kalyoncu University. I promote Gestalt methodology as a way of life.

I hold a BS in Business Administration-Marketing, an MA in Social Psychology and an MA in Clinical Psychology from Boğaziçi University, Istanbul. After working part-time at a child and family consulting center and doing some volunteer work at a public hospital for two years, I continued my studies at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, USA, where I earned a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. During my studies at the USA, I completed the foundation program in Gestalt at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. I have also completed various professional training programs for my professional development in the areas of psychotherapy, and organizational and system development. Upon completing my graduate studies I served as an adjunct faculty member at Boğaziçi University between 1994-1998. Since 1994, I have been giving conferences to professional and lay audiences in my field in various national and international institutions and organizations. Between 1997 and 2009 I served as an associate staff member of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland’s semi annual training program in Israel. Since 2013, I have been supporting Gestalt Therapy Trainings started by Georgian National Gestalt Institute in Tbilisi, acredited by EAGT.

I specialize in process intervention. My role as a clinical psychologist, a coach and a facilitator, may be defined as a change agent. To bring about change, I work with all available data presented in the “here and now” which raises awareness of, and also transcends and includes, recurrent patterns, thus facilitating experiential transformation.

I am of a diverse background and throughout my career I also had the opportunity to be exposed to diverse cultures, and to people of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds which enabled me to develop a flexible view of reality. As such, I recognize diversity as a tool to accomplish multicultural competence. In addition, my academic background in business administration, social psychology and clinical psychology affords a unique blend allowing me to constructively interpret and implement what I perceive.


In recent years, my interest in the concept of universal consciousness, which is a basic underlying theme of the Gestalt approach, has grown significantly. I am in the process of pursuing my interest, studying the concept in greater depth and sharing the information I have been able to assimilate by offering educational seminars.

I am a Gestalt Therapist acredited by the European Gestalt Therapy Association (EAGT) and I also hold European Certificates in Psychology (EuroPsy) and in Psychotherapy (EuroPsy Specialist). In addition, I am a member of the Specialization in Psychotherapy National Awarding Committee at Turkish Psychological Association.

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