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Since 1989, I have been offering trainings to psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, and psychiatric nurses in various areas related to clinical psychological services.

Selected examples of the training seminars and workshops offered are presented below.


Didactic seminars in which various developmental areas related to human condition are combined with Gestalt approach:

Consciousness development
Needs and motivation
Cognitive development
Moral development
Definitions of “I” according to Analytical, Neoanalytical, Humanistic, Existential and Gestalt approaches

Training workshops:

Introduction to Humanistic & Existential Approches
Change from Humanistic-Existential-Gestalt Perspective
Humanistic-Existential-Gestalt Approach to intimate emotional relationships
Personality Disorders Training
One case 7 approaches: Approaches to Psychotherapy Training
Phenomenological Methodology
Introduction to Gestalt Approach
Change from Gestalt view point
Gestalt Family Therapy
Polarities: The road to cohesion
Discovering mind-body relationship through Gestalt
Discovery of Personal and Professional Contact styles through the Gestalt Approach
Use of Self in Private and Professional Life
Methodology in Gestalt Psychotherapy
Comparing Personality theories with Gestalt Approach
Psychodynamic Evaluation
Techniques in Psychotherapy
The Clinical Interview
Self-renovation of the Psychotherapist
Me, as reflected in the clinical setting
Long-term “Efficient Counseling

Approaches to Psychotherapy

Team Family Therapy

Personal and professional growth group: case discussions, process intervention and experiential learning

Assessment of level of development and Gestalt

Reading and case discussion classes on psychodynamic case formulation

Psychological Testing

Counseling skills training, individual psychotherapy and supervision for school counselors

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