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Coaching / Facilitation

I have been offering coaching and facilitation services to international companies since 1999. My activities in this domain cover performance, transitional and transformational coaching and facilitation.

I have been an active agent in bringing about incremental changes in the mind set of individuals which gradually translate into behavioral change in corporations.

I specialize in process intervention and operate from a framework based on Gestalt theory of working with individuals, groups and systems. I work in the “here and now” experience, based on all available data in the present. This unique experiential facilitation approach raises awareness of and also breaks recurrent patterns, affecting the involved parties in the behavioral, cognitive and emotional realms, producing effective and long lasting impacts.

Working experientially in the present also provides me with the flexibility to tailor specific interventions to issues at the time they emerge.

In addition, my academic background in social and clinical psychology and my clinical experience in working with individuals, couples and groups provide me with the necessary theoretical background and practical experience that improves significantly the quality of the work I deliver with respect to assessment and intervention techniques.

I have access to a wide international network in the areas of working with individuals, groups, organizations and systems which provide support not only in following up the literature and establishing peer exchange but also in the way of recruiting from among professionals in the international field to consult or work on a project basis.

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